Happy Monday!

Hello everyone! After the first week of my August Effervescence Bracelet giveaway I have 20 excited entrants! Entering is simple…read this post https://snappytatter.wordpress.com/2011/08/01/august-snappy-tatter-giveaway/ to find out how you can be entered to win this custom size hand tatted bracelet from Snappy Tatter!

Two new galleries have been added to the Jewelry menu at the left. Earrings and Pendants. It was nice to add everything under simpler galleries to just to save some space. Everything small can be viewed in these two categories. I will continue to add style categories separately under the menu so work that is similar is together.

I also have a new kind of post in the works. I am chatting with a few of my favorite Etsians about being guests on my Blog. I would like to showcase some of the work that tickles my fancy and have a short interview with the artist as well. Hopefully this will come to my Blog in the next two weeks.

I have a lot of work to do this Monday afternoon. I have to mail packages to Botswana and California. I am very excited that Snappy Tatter work is going to South Africa. I have to take some time to go through the orders of this year…I have a huge map on  my wall to put pins in but never seem to have the time. Of course, it’s not real high priority but it will mostly be fun to put pins all over the world.

I have freshly tatted work that needs to be listed in my Etsy shop as well.  I have to complete a new Sweet Decadence statement necklace and a purple Blossom Pendant and I have to finish tatting a large Flair bracelet. I hope to have pics later today or tomorrow.

Seth and I are off to go camping again this weekend. Raccoon Creek. Should be lots of fun.
Cheers! Jennifer


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