Guest Artist Sarah E. Hennessey from sometimesiswirl

I am excited to introduce my first guest Artist in Snappy Tatter-land, Sarah E. Hennessey.

Sarah E Hennessey from sometimesiswirl

Sarah E. Hennessey from sometimesiswirl is a fantastic artist I discovered while perusing the many talented artisans on Etsy. I immediately fell in love with her lively, swirling style and bold designs. I feel her style speaks to me and truly is a treat to the eyes. Modern, organic and flowing, Art Nouveau is how I would describe her work. Her designs are swirling floral originals and prints in ink, bold embroidery framed in traditional hoops,  swirling designs adorning vases and fabrics and sharp, intricate line-drawn cities. She creatively pushes her boundaries exploring new colors and textures as well as mediums. I follow sometimesiswirl on Facebook and am always amused by the  light sense of humor and candor of her postings. She is fresh and talented and I hope everyone enjoys this interview. A gallery of her work as well as social connections and a special Etsy shop coupon is found after her interview.

Sarah’s Interview

1. How did you get started as an an independent artist? Where did it all begin?
I have been interested in drawing, painting, creating for as long as I can remember. In grade school, I was always doodling on the back of my hand, all over notebook margins, etc. Art class was always my favorite in elementary and high school. Then in college I majored in art history and took some really fantastic studio courses, so in all those years I was building up a great artistic foundation, I was able to experiment with a lot of different mediums and study art on an academic level. In 2009, my husband and I purchased our first home and I enjoyed renovation projects, art things, DIY stuff and room make-overs so much that I started a blog where I could post about my various projects. On the blog, so many people commented that I should open an Etsy shop, so after doing an insane amount of research on opening my own shop, I finally decided to do it in May 2009.

2. What about your life as an artist makes you feel complete and satisfied?
When I am able to turn an idea into a finished piece that looks how I had imagined it would, then I feel really satisfied. But the thing is – I don’t know if I could count just how many times I’ve “failed” at creating new drawings, or new embroideries, or whatever the project is that I’m working on at the time. There have been so many illustrations I’ve started, only to get bored with the direction I’m taking it, or even, I often get annoyed with myself, at my inability to recreate the image I have in my mind, so I just stop and scrap it. Same goes for my sewing – I have all these unfinished pieces that I’ve given up on because I just don’t like how it’s starting to look, or I get bored. I think it’s fairly normal that most artists/creators don’t always carry every single creative idea to completion. Sometimes the vision goes awry along the way, or it just doesn’t make you feel energized or excited about what you’re doing. When things do, however, turn out like I had imagined (or if they turn out BETTER, hey, that’s the best!), those are the really satisfying moments, what makes it all worth it.

3. What inspires you to design in your unique way?
My inspiration comes from all over the place. I love symmetrical and floral designs, so I feel particularly drawn to the Mehndi art tradition, or textile designs. I love Art Nouveau and Art Deco styles and almost any kind of modern art. I especially love the early drawings of Paul Klee, and there are so many other amazing illustrators on Etsy that definitely inspire me.

4. Where do you see your future going as an artist? What would you like to explore in the future?
There have been times when I’ve thought about running my shop full-time from my home, but I don’t know if I’d have the discipline to do that! I have also thought about one day opening my own store and consigning works from  local artists, but then again, not sure I would enjoy the overly business side to that. I know for one thing, even if I keep my normal day job and continue to do Etsy in my spare time, I’d be very happy doing that. I don’t think I’ll ever stop creating things. Now, it’s just a matter of finding the balance between perfecting my specific craft, while learning lots of new things. For example, I’m dying to learn traditional printmaking techniques, and I’d love to learn how to throw pottery. Oh, and blow glass. And screen-print fabric.. the list just goes on.: )

5. What is your life like outside of your designing and artwork?
Designing, making art, and maintaining my Etsy shop does take up a LOT of my spare time, but I think it’s so worthwhile so I don’t mind putting in that time. Outside of that, I love thrift shopping, reading (memoirs and anything related to criminal psychology usually rank highly with me!), and doing projects around my house such as rehabbing furniture, looking for ways to re-purpose or up-cycle my thrift purchases. I also have a huge extended family and love get-togethers with aunts, uncles, cousins. I definitely like to stay busy and do creative things as much as possible.

Sarah’s Gallery

(click photos to enlarge)

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Thank you so much Sarah, for enlightening us about the world of sometimesiswirl!

Sarah is graciously offering a coupon of 15% Off in her Etsy shop until 8/25. Use “SNAPPYTATTERFANS” at check out to receive your discount on any of the wonderful work in her shop. Feel free to drop me a line if you need help.

There are many ways to contact Sarah and see more of this beautiful artwork. She is a busy girl! Check out any of the following links to follow her and find out more about her:

Etsy (shop):






I hope all of my readers have enjoyed this fresh and interesting interview. My goal is to enlighten my readers on the many styles of art that is out there as well as the background of the artists that are designing this special work. It is rewarding to me to be able to share what I enjoy and I am sure there will be many more interviews to come.

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Cheers and Happiness!


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