Freshly Tatted!

I have not been on the Blog as much lately…or Facebook, or Twitter. I have actually been working hard on several new pieces of jewelry. This is the latest work in my Etsy shop. Clicking on the image will take you to the listing where you can see more pics and read about the creation and components. Enjoy!

The Debutante

Midnight Glow

Black Elegance with Onyx Pendant

Mocha PIXIE Ring Pendant

Black Daisy with Garnet CZ

The Glimmer Goldie Mum

And my new favorite creation…the Simplicity Choker in Mocha with marbled discs and glass beads.

The tatting itself was a simple pattern of rings and chains with one picot on each side of the ring that overlaps the one picot of the chain. I actually pulled the ring picot through to the other side so it laid down while the picot behind pulls forward a little. After tatting the Simplicity pattern to 13″ I hand sewed Czech glass seed beading in bronze and a fall orange surrounding a 3mm translucent Czech round in light bronze all the way through the pattern. Then I added the top drilled stone discs one by one with Sterling jump rings around the entire edge. I added a little graduation to the center using eyepins and larger Czech glass. The ends are finished in Sterling with a 3″ extender for comfort that has another bronze bead and a disc dangling from the end.  I like to add that little touch to my work. This piece feels more natural and less glitzy than most of my work. I love the marbled discs. I also bought them in clear turquoise and a light red so there will be other works that have them. I am planing to make matching earrings eventually too. I work a lot with black because I love black lace and it goes with everything but I think this dark brown piece will also. Something more natural just in time for fall.

2 thoughts on “Freshly Tatted!

  1. err… WOW! is all you can say. All your work is lovely and simply stunning as it’s classic and elegant but my favourites are the the Simplicity Choker, Debutante and the Black Daisy….

    I can appreciate you like Black but as someone with a typical English complection of Blonde Hair and pale skin with Blue eyes Black drains me so the rich brown of the choker is beautiful….

    • Thank you! I enjoy that shade of brown as well. It is neutral and will go with all complexions quite well. I will be working in more browns and autumn colors with incoming fall. It’s nice to step away from black. Snowflakes will be coming soon too so I will be working in white all the time to stock up. Thanks for commenting!

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