Custom work…new PIXIE Pin and war of the Kitties!

This sweet little PIXIE Butterfly Pin was a custom request from a Snappy Tatter follower. I love the green, deep orange glass, and amber Swarovski crystal. Mounted on a half inch lever pin this little bugger will be traveling to the UK soon.

Thought I would share before she flits away!

This is my two cats, Mac and BeBe re-establishing their personal space after a long summer. BeBe has the white. When the weather gets cooler, BeBe claims this blue rocker in my studio behind my desk while Mac sleeps by my feet. Apparently, Mac has decided she should share (they used to kanoodle all the time). I looked at them and snapped this shot and thought “uh-oh…I give it about 2 minutes”. Tails were slapping, stares were challenged, I got up to sit at my drafting table and “Me-owwww….hissssssssssss”, black fur flies and it’s Game ON!!!

BeBe won.


Jennifer, Poor Mac and Queen BeBe

1 thought on “Custom work…new PIXIE Pin and war of the Kitties!

  1. Oooh I recognise that butterfly – it’s really pretty…

    Love the cat photo can well imagine the tails wagging afterthe button was pressed!

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