New Tatted Bracelets, upcoming posts and activities in Snappy Tatter-land

Yesterday was another miserable rainy day here in Snappy Tatter-land. And as my husband and I get ready for our fall cabin vacation next week, we are praying for rain-free, cool, sunny autumn days so we can enjoy the fresh air and beautiful leaves in my favorite colors.

Soon I will be bringing you a new artist and fellow Etsian you will surely fall in love with. I am tickled pink with her responses to my questions and just need to get the interview formatted and it will be up for your reading pleasure.

Before I take a break I want to share my latest tatted bracelets that will be listed in my Etsy shop over the next few days. As they become available in my shop you will be able to click the photo and be taken to more pics and full descriptions. All will be available by this coming Sunday, 10/16.

Petals in black with Rainbow Obsidian beads and metallic colored Czech glass.

Serpentine in Mocha with copper-lined blue glass and light bronze Czech glass rounds.

Daisy Chain in Black with red Czech crystal and silver-lined gold glass.

This is an original design that I have made before. It is a tricky pattern and I have altered it several times.

The end result of my latest one is what I was going for but I think in the future I will use a heavier cord like the white one above so it is not so delicate. I did stiffen the “spokes” of the petals, something I do not normally need to do. I usually stiffen thread ends and end knots to keep them tight but not the actual tatting. I try to design in a manner that keeps my work fresh with just a little care. Tatting is amazingly firm and durable because it is a knotted lace.

My favorite of this collection…Chantilly in Ecru with a single light bronze glass pearl and silver-lined glass on each side.

This variation of Chantilly has been on my mind for a long time. I have made Chantilly with a single motif in the center and a variety of unique bracelets on each side. Visit the Chantilly section to the left to see others I have made. I knew this design would take a long time which may be why I put it off. But the end result was an intricate, stylish, wide cuff that really needed little beading. I can see tatting seeds into the work to make it shimmery but the lace seems to be ornate enough on its own.

And finally, Embrace in harvest orange with Black Rainbow Obsidian beads for my mother-in-law.

Embrace in Black with edge beading is available in my Etsy shop (here).

That’s my latest tatted bracelets!

A new Give-Away contest will start when I come back from our get-away! So far, nine people have voted for the free tatted prize and have earned an entry. If you would like to put your two cents in on what you would like to win stop by my Facebook page and answer the question. I will give you an entry just for voicing your opinion. The options are Snowflake Earrings, a Snowflake Pendant, or a beaded original Snowflake, or add an idea of your own. So far, Snowflake Earrings are the winner. You can also vote by commenting on this post. I know not everybody is on Facebook and I don’t blame you! 🙂

Today and tomorrow I am working on new Cocktail Rings. I have a two day show coming up the first week of December and have to have lots of work to show. Cocktail Rings are always a big hit and now I am using beautiful adjustable ring bases. My previous rings that are not adjustable are still 25% off in my shop (here).

Hopefully, Saturday will be a nice day and hubbs and I can continue to wrap up the gardening, pruning and yard-work. Who knows, we may just be lazy which we are really good at.

This Sunday during the Walking Dead marathon on AMC I will be tatting longer necklaces for pendants. Tatting and watching Zombies…what could be better. Seriously.

Cheers everyone!


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