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I really have been thinking of blogging daily but my daily work is always my first priority and boy did I not realize how behind I was getting! First of all, our fall vacation in the cabin last week was wonderful! The weather was beautiful and everything was so relaxing. My husband did a lot of this:

(Cooking in pajamas)

And I did a lot of this:

I  came up with 2 new necklace designs and 2 new snowflake designs and tatted about 9 different Flakes. When I am only listening to music, I am a pretty fast tatter. Anyhoo-The plan was to tat Flakes, come home and finish them with more beading and embellishing and get them stiffened, photoed and listed this week. Well, that was the plan. But I came home and found a bag of 7 pairs of earrings I still had to finish and several Cocktail rings and suddenly felt very overwhelmed. With my upcoming show in December, I am getting to crunch time in the business aspect of my work. Boxes, bags, labels, business cards, receipts, brochures, signs, displays, tags and inventory have to be accounted for and ordered if necessary. So I am swamped. And a wee bit crazy. But these are the Blog-related things I am working on and will get to as soon as I have time available. Ha!

  • I am starting to gather my thoughts on the upcoming Give-Away that is looking to start within the next few days and run through November. So that is coming.
  •  I am finishing and listing my work in my Etsy shop daily.
  • I am gathering information for a new artist interview with my amazingly creative husband. I hope everyone enjoyed Kit Lane’s interview this month.
  • Snowflakes are on their way. Really, I swear!

In the meantime, while I get my act together, enjoy a small gallery of the latest work I have finished. These listings will be added daily to my Etsy shop.

P1050681 P1050631c P1050638n P1050620 P1050602 P1050693 P1050628 P1050611 P1050710 P1050637c

Oh and I have to hem my friend’s costume and get my costume ready for some Halloween party fun. Hope to have a pic or two of that. Should be a very entertaining night!

Cheers everyone!


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