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You know it figures that after I send out the November e-Newsletter earlier today directing my readers to the “growing Christmas Ornament section” I would go in and change the name of the section. Well, it’s now Enjoy the Holidays”. I like it better. Sounds more inviting and I do an immense amount of work each year geared towards winter and the holidays. So I wanted to put those items together. It was fun to go through my inventory and just pick things that were white, silver, pale blue, red, green, snowflakes etc. and festive and put them all together for the next few months. I might just do that to celebrate each lovely season.

My readers are smart enough to figure out the Christmas Ornaments are in the Holiday section! Aren’t you all!

Question for anyone who would like to give me advice-I really value all of your feedback:

Would you prefer shopping through a themed (Christmas, winter, summer, floral) section with multiple types of items?  Or would you prefer everything was categorized? (bracelets, earrings, cocktail rings, ornaments, fiber art)

I will always keep everything in categories but I am thinking one section that may have what visitors are looking for at the time might be helpful.

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7 thoughts on “A question for you!

  1. I’d like to see it by categories of bracelets, earrings, cocktail rings, etc. But I also like seeing them all on one page so I can just explore!

  2. I would say categorized. I think that people mostly know what type of item they are looking for and can make their selections from there.
    p.s. Love the snowflake earrings .

  3. In general, throughout the year, I would prefer to see everything categorized as it makes comparisons easier. But I think that for Christmas it’s great to see a variety of things listed together as I’m often looking for a present for someone without having much of an idea of what exactly to buy.

  4. Catagories are efficient but I like the warm fuzzy feeling of the Holidays…it makes the items special…a gift for someone special!

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