New Dainty Flake Pendants on Etsy!

I have been getting rather flaky around here. Snowflake-y! I made a flurry of little Dainty Flakes for pendants and earrings, four of which have already sold before I even listed them. The other four that are completed are here. You can click the photo to see more pics of these little delights.

More are coming soon. I have a nice little bag of unfinished Flakes to work on tomorrow when I get back into my studio including a multiple Dainty Flake necklace which is actually called Flurry. And more Cocktail rings are on their way. Pics are ready, descriptions and listings need written. Then I will share them all with you here.

Hope everyone is happy and healthy!


P.S. Don’t forget to enter in the November Dainty Flake Earrings Give-away! Details are here!

2 thoughts on “New Dainty Flake Pendants on Etsy!

  1. I just orderd THREE for Christmas gifts and ONE for myself. THe pridce is GREAT!!! for something so BEAUTIFUL, CLASSY, and HANDMADE!! BEAUTIFUL WORK!! UNIQUE!! Standing by the mailbox waiting for my order. 🙂

    Christine Miller
    Columbia, SC

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