In the Pink!

It all started with rockin’ my Punk Hello Kitty costume at my BF’s annual Halloween party last weekend.

That’s my BF Cindie-Lou-Hoo on the right and her sister Laura on the left. I had on a black and hot pink pigtailed wig, super long pink tinsel fake eyelashes, black tights, lace up boots and pink and red legwarmers. My husband would NOT stop staring at me and my friends were freaking, saying you should do that with your hair!

I thought, “why not?” I used to be more of the alternative fashion type. And I felt very confident and very much myself in black with colored hair and boots on everywhere I go. I feel I have gotten away from the artsy person I have always been comfortable being. Maybe it was the years I spent making a living at jobs that were not in the artistic realm.  A few weeks ago, I was shopping for clothes and decided to start putting black back into my wardrobe. Then after the Hello Kitty costume, I started to think…”Look, I work at home as an artist, and feel like I look frumpy, ordinary, and lack the edginess that I feel confident in. Time for a change.” Hubbs and my friends agreed so I went to the salon (surprised the hell out of my stylist) and went from this

(taken when I had a little tan)

To this….

Fun! I took my base color up one level which is now a deep brown/black and added deep magenta highlights along my part.

Underneath it is all dark and if I part it to the side, the highlights are heavy on the thicker side. My husband prefers I part it down the middle. I am just tickled….Pink!

(Proof my eyes are olive green with brown in the center!)

It’s nice to make a change every once in a while. And it is nice to feel true to yourself. Thought I would take a minute to show everyone my new “do”.

I have had such a busy day with Etsy orders pouring in and being shipped, oodles of contest entries to keep track of and new supplies to put away. On top of that, Monday is my Etsy paperwork catch-up day and I have a large pile of tatting that needs beaded, finished, photoed, listed and stored.

AND I am still getting through my latest asthma exacerbation. Probably will be limited physically for another couple of weeks. But Prednisone makes your mind sharp and my work is not aerobic and I don’t have to leave my house. So I continue to plug away, working on custom orders and beefing up my inventory for my December show.

I’ve got to get back to work but I hope everyone is checking out the latest Snappy Tatter Give-Away …Dainty Flake earrings! 56 entries so far…chances are free! Competition is fierce!

Cheers everyone!




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