Fresh Snow and Thank you Contest Entrants!

Congratulations to Melody, Cat, Sarah H., Jennifer E., Carol, Chitra, Kelley, Jovanka, Dee, Connie C., and Don G.! You have all been entered in my Dainty Flake Earring Give-Away!  The contest is open for a 16 more days! Entering is easy. Any of the following actions will win you at least one entry: Subscribe to my Blog, purchase on Etsy, become a fan on Facebook, follow me on Twitter and/or answer my marketing question.


I truly appreciate all the feedback I am getting for my marketing question. Chime in here...your opinions help shape my online business!

I have fresh work to be finished through this week including new MOD pendants, a new white Couture design, and loads of earrings. I mainly tatted custom work this weekend and started to work in color again. Red and green!  I made tiny Christmas wreathes for pendants. Pics will come soon.

In the meantime-here is a small gallery of work that has been published on my Etsy site, Snappy Tatter, throughout this past weekend. I hope you enjoy it all. Click the pics to be taken to more photos and descriptions.

Dainty Flake Pendant in white and ivory
Flurry Snowflake Necklace
Flurry Detail
Ice Crystal No.25
Brilliant Flair Brooch
Dainty Ring Pendant

And a little Black for good measure:

Black Daisy Earrings with Garnet CZ’s

Thank you everyone for all of your well wishes! My health is much better. I can breathe! But the Prednisone I take to treat my asthma is exceptionally horrible to withdraw from. Luckily, it does not interrupt my lace-making! Asthma meds make me vulnerable to more sickness so I can’t go anywhere and I get a little stir-crazy when I start to feel better. Seth took me to Target for a little bit on Saturday and I was ecstatic! And overwhelmed by lights and people! I milled around and didn’t touch anything, talk to anyone or stand near anyone. I told him if  someone sneezes I am going to run. Ha! I was serious! Totally!




I would love to know what you think! Send me a comment!

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