The Tatted snow has settled & more ways to win the November Give-Away!!!

I have been working to update my snow page and have finally finished adding the links, photos and a little information about my history with tatted snow. You can find the new “Gallery of Tatted Snow” to the left. Or click HERE if you like.

I am super busy preparing for my show the first week of December. Trying to get myself organized, work tatted and finished, paperwork started, packaging  sorted, supplies ordered….on and on and on. In the meantime, the contest to win Dainty Flake earrings is going strong and I thought I would step it up a notch for those of you that really like to get as many chances as possible! There are only 11days left till the drawing on December 1st!

November Give Away-Dainty Flake Earrings!

Tweet or share the link to my contest on your Twitter page or Facebook Wall and I will give yet ANOTHER entry for each action. Easy. Free. Fast. And you will be one step closer to winning these adorable earrings!

Here is the link:

Post a comment below when you are done to get credit!

2 thoughts on “The Tatted snow has settled & more ways to win the November Give-Away!!!

  1. I shared the give-away on Facebook, not because I need more entries but because I truly love Jennifer’s stuff! I had her do a custom order around the Winter Gala necklace so I had an entire set for my Christmas parties this year. I LOVE the snowflakes!!! And the Winter Gala leaves are awesome too!

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