Face-Planting and a Merry Christmas!

Well, my husband and I just can’t control ourselves. I used to be able to hold off giving him his Christmas gifts when we were first together but now…it has just become so fun and so silly. He starts giving me gifts around Thanksgiving and all our remaining gifts were opened on last Wednesday.

We had finished decorating the tree that’s been up for a couple of weeks and I had wrapped all his gifts during the day so I brought them down to enjoy under the tree. So-he did the same. And we sat and stared and wondered and grinned at each other and then all bets were off. Soooo much fun. Paper was flying and the cats were ecstatic! I will take the time to post a few photos of my gifts from fellow Etsians later but in the meantime I am still chilling. Still relaxing. The week before last I had a bit of overuse going on with my wrist from tatting, typing and sewing so I have been giving it a rest and enjoying the holiday and family and having fun with my hubbs. Consequently, I have not been blogging or adding new work to Etsy or Tweeting or Facebooking….but I DID FACE-PLANT on Christmas Eve.

Seriously. I got up to go to the kitchen, tripped over the ottoman…feet flew up in the air and my face hit the hardwood floor. Merrrrrrrry Christmas. Wow! I hit my nose straight on…luckily it may have fractured but didn’t completely break. Hit my hand and knee second. I swelled and bled allover myself and my husband. Luckily he knows first aid and had me up and iced before I knew it. I took a Vicodin and called it a day for sure! I have a blue bruise over the bridge of my nose and a little swelling but feel fine. And no I did not go to the doctor’s Mom!

My hand and knee are fine. My face is healing. I can breath and I think my nose is only a wee bit crooked.  And as I prepare to go to my parents this weekend to celebrate not only Christmas but also their 50th wedding anniversary…I am hoping my makeup will spackle the bruise that makes me look like I was punched in the face.

I hope everyone has had a wonderful holiday. And you all have enjoyed your friends and family with no face-planting incidents.  I will be back soon with new pics, new interviews, new ST news and updates. And hopefully I can get a couple of pics of my parents landmark celebration.

Have a safe and happy holiday!!!



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