NEW! ST coupons available for ALL readers!

Happy New Year everyone!

Starting in 2012 my exclusive Snappy Tatter online coupons will be available to all Blog readers, Facebook fans and Twitter followers. It am trying to make it easier to access my monthly coupon other than the e-Newsletter that comes out each month. I will still be sending out the newsletter with ST updates but have decided to post the coupon here as well.

The main reason is that when someone subscribes to my Blog, I promise to sign them up for my e-Newsletter and consequently the coupon/discount. But depending on the reader’s settings, I am not always able to access their information to be able to do so. Some people subscribe in a stealth manner. And that is fine with me, I don’t like to blab my info all over the net either. Facebook and Twitter fans always have access to this discount also but if they miss the post or tweet, they may not be aware I have released the monthly discount.

So at the beginning of every month I will post the coupon, discount or sale information in a post that will go into the category “Coupons-Giveaways” under the “What’s New” menu to the left. All sale and coupon updates can be found there from now on.

For January the coupon code is SNAPPYNEWYEAR which allows everyone 20% off everything in my online shop, Snappy Tatter.

Visit my shop through the link above and add any items you would like to purchase to your cart. When you go to checkout there is a box on the main screen where you can enter the above code. The discount will automatically be applied to all items and you can continue to purchase as usual from there. If you forget, or miss the chance, or need help, contact me at If you would like to purchase outside of Etsy, email me and I will be happy to accommodate you.

FYI-the annual restructuring of my pricing will happen in February. Prices will be adjusted to reflect any changes in time, materials, packaging and shipping over the past year.

Thanks so much! I will be back soon with the latest happenings in Snappy Tatter-land!



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