Christmas gifts from my husband from Etsy artisans!

This year for Christmas, my husband bought me several gifts from the artists and crafters on Etsy. Http:// is a fantastic venue for handmade and antique sellers. I have had my online store there for almost 3 years now and as busy as I am with my own work, there is always time to poke around and see what interesting things people are making and selling on Etsy.

I needed a new ring holder for the bathroom and Seth bought me this precious one from SueSueSueCrafts.

Bright green to add pizzazz to my earthy bathroom with a delicately scalloped edge and adorable little bird. Love it! The necklace was also from an Etsian, mon cadeau. It is a very delicate 16″ sterling chain with a tiny 7mm heart stamped with “S”…for Seth of course! It is well-made, delicate and very feminine. I wear it every day and love it to bits.

And how about a laundry sign  from MackleyWoodenGifts that says how I really feel?

Seriously, this is exactly how I feel about laundry! I think I have ironed clothes 3 times in the 6+ years that Seth and I have been together. So now this wooden sign hangs in my laundry room for a little chuckle every time I go in to see if I forgot to take a load out of the washer or dryer. Ha!

And a new addition to my little Bobaloo Family from Kit Lane, everyone say “hi” to Pendleton the PenguinBob.


So now my little Bobaloo family looks like this all together:

And here is where they live…On the corner of my office desk.

You can visit Kit’s shop here. She also gave a great artist interview a couple of months ago which can also be found here.

Among other gifts from my husband I received a Kindle Touch, Teva flip flops, North Face hat and gloves, a backrest to read in bed, Adele’s “21” CD, tatting supplies I plan to post later, chocolates, slipper socks…I was spoiled this year…but I was a good girl! I swear!





  1. Teodora said,

    January 4, 2012 at 5:30 pm

    Well, Jennifer, you were indeed spoiled with so many gifts 😀 ( so for sure you’re a good girl last year, Santa knows 😉 ) !
    I’m anxious to see the tatting-supplies that you received just to imagine what beauties will be made in the very near future by your talented fingers.
    And , by the way , your Bobaloo family takes an “ooh!” out of me :D, they are simply adorable…

  2. wendy said,

    January 8, 2012 at 4:59 pm

    Great post. Love the ring holder and what a cute Bobaloo family Thanks so much for including my laundry sign.

  3. Bobbie Shamburger said,

    January 13, 2012 at 10:33 pm

    I am interested in the white/crystal pendant in etasy. it looks shiny.. is it stiffened? If so may I ask what with?
    Thank you,

    • snappytatter said,

      January 13, 2012 at 11:16 pm

      Hi Bobbie. Thank you for contacting me. It depends on which pendant you are talking about. Dainty Flake snowflake pendants are usually stiffened with an embroidery compound (Fray Chek) that preserves the shininess of the cord and retains the shape. But there is a white MOD pendant there as well and it is not stiffened. Generally my work does not need stiffened because I use tatting cord that is exceptional quality and highly mercerized so the knots are firm. It really is a case by case basis on how I treat the design if at all. Sorry for the long answer. I hope this answers your question.
      Let me know if there are any other Snappy Tatter mysteries I can explain for you!
      Thanks so much,

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