Shaping up in all kinds of ways.

Inside info on the Renovation of my online shop

There are lots of changes going on around here. First and foremost I have been re-working my shop information, pricing, photos, policies etc. etc. etc. So, for those of you who like to pop over to Snappy Tatter’s Etsy store, you will be greeted by a very empty shop. Everything has been deactivated for the time being while I take the time to evaluate all 142 listings for content. I will re-activate everything one by one as changes are made. So please stop back often! Etsy shop

I try to stay on top of things with my shop. And once a year I look over item pricing for one thing. I spent the better half of last year re-working my tatting patterns so I would have a very accurate idea of the time it takes to make a certain piece of lace. This is the basis for my pricing. Time and materials. So the more accurate time I can record, the fairest and most consistent pricing I can establish. It also helps with custom orders. I will already know how long a certain piece takes to tat and what it takes to tat beads into my work or hand sew them in later. And then material prices change, shipping and packaging costs change along with the fees I have to pay to run an online business. My fiber art keepsake, ice crystals and snowballs are timed from beginning to end and priced individually because they are all OOAK (one-of-a-kind).

So I have gone through all of my pricing and will be adjusting accordingly. Some prices will go down, mostly motif necklaces like Flirtation. Some will go up a little. For example, I realize that even though it does not take long to tat most earrings, it doubles the time to finish them into jewelry. Beading can also double the time it takes to make certain things so that is accounted for more accurately now. And some shipping charges will go down as I reviewed the orders where I refunded shipping overages last year and decided to reduce the shipping on different categories of work like earrings, Cocktail Rings and brooches.

Another issue I am tending to is content. Are the photos the best representation of my work? Do the links go to the land of 404? And can you find info for my Blog, Facebook and Twitter in each listing? Busy, Busy, Busy. Seriously.

And as for the Snappy Tatter household…BeBe and Mac continue to play with the new “toy”, a green cube with holes in it perfect for hiding, ambushing, napping and just running through like your tails on fire. Squirt, the water dragon has spent the last 24 hours in her private, heated tub in a lovely shade of mint/turquoise. Seth the hubbs, is still as delightful as ever. We will be celebrating very soon after he officially signs the papers for his promotion and raise at work. Yay Seth!

As for me, I am on my first day of  Weight Watcher’s online. I am trying to light a fire under my ample butt to drop some weight (about 20 lbs) and get mooooooving! My work is mostly sedentary. No surprise there. And I have a tendency to gain weight after I have been sick. Which was last November. I was on Prednisone for about 3 weeks which just throws your whole metabolism and immunity for a loop for a couple of months. I gained about 10 pounds. Now all I can think of is that I want to get back to bikini weight before our cruise at the end of March. I did go for a walk today!

All in all, my shop will be down for a few days and the e-Newsletter will be coming out soon with information on a new Snappy Tatter Give-away…a red Diana Butterfly stick pin in honor of American Heart month. A “Red sale” is on its way as well. Everything red will be on sale.

That’s about it for Snappy Tatter updates. I’ll be back soon with pics, Give-away rules, and a fresh sale.

Cheers everyone!



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