What I’ve been up to today.

Today has been another busy day here in Snappy Tatter-land. Even with remnants of a migraine I have managed to have a full day from wake up till now. Mac tried to wake me this morning by standing on my husband’s dresser and yelling at me about a half hour before I wanted to get up. Simultaneously, BeBe circled my head and sniffed my face with her tiny wet nose. Grrrrrr. I don’t like to get up earlier than normal under any circumstances let alone by my cats with their slightly empty bellies. Nevertheless, after yelling at them I was awake anyways. While watching the morning shows, Kelly Ripa and Ellen, I sat under my lamps to get my antidepressant fake sunshine for a couple of hours and worked on updating my online shop. See post below.

Up here in my studio I caught up on a few things my migraine kept me from yesterday. I finished two custom pieces of jewelry, made a couple of Teeny Tat notecards to enclose in the orders, stiffened my Mother-in-law’s Faith cross and created a Pawprint necklace for a local Snappy Tatter friend.

This is a navy Debutante Choker that I finished hand sewing beads into this afternoon. It will be on its way to Canada tomorrow. Love those Canadians! This request began with a necklace to match the fancy Drip earrings in the first photo. After much collaboration, my friend in Canada decided upon the Debutante. One of my favorites, indeed. This particular version ended up being rather laborious as the beads were on the shuttle and drawn up one by one as I tied the knots. Basically the chains went like this….knot, knot, unwind shuttle, move 5 beads to the front, draw a bead up, rewind the shuttle a little, small picot, knot, unwind the shuttle, draw a bead up, rewind the shuttle a little, medium picot, knot, unwind the shuttle, draw a bead up, rewind the shuttle a little, long picot, knot, unwind the shuttle, draw a bead up, rewind the shuttle a little, medium picot, knot, unwind the shuttle, draw a bead up, rewind the shuttle a little, small picot, knot, knot. Ha! I kid you not. That would be one of the scallops in the chain. There are 26. And if you don’t get in a rhythm with this incredibly slow process, you will go bananas. So I have been working on it small portions at a time. The choker will be tied with matching ribbon at the back. 

Later this afternoon, I worked on a Paw Print for a co-worker of my husband’s. A fresh, new Snappy Tatter design. I am toying with whether to put it in my online shop or not. I wouldn’t mind some feedback from everyone. The original prototype was done in black with tiny picots for claws. My customer preferred no picots. I was thinking I would stiffen them and make them pointy.

Later I stiffened the Faith cross below for my Mother-in-law. Made with the most delicate tatting cordonnet in cream with wee, brilliant rocaille beading, it is another original pattern of my own.

This cross also has a frilly Teeny Tat (my name for tiny one ring flowers) in the center. I made two Teeny Tat cards to enclose in each order. I try to keep up with these simple notecards so they are always available to ship with orders. I have a pile of little flowers right now that need to be added to cards. Something I am hoping to do tomorrow. I hand draw stems in various ways on single sided cardstock in pastel colors. I add my web address to the matching envelope flap and enclose the little card in a clear PPO sleeve. I hope that people are sending these all over the world. I would love for someone to come up to me and tell me they received one someday! I sell Teeny Tats in sets on Etsy. They should be back online soon. I will post here when they are back.

That’s it for my day. I am off to change and enjoy dinner at a friend’s house this evening.


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