Shop update: Finally…back to basics at Snappy Tatter

For over a week I have diligently worked to upgrade my online shop. I finally finished up late yesterday. All 143 listings have updated descriptions, pricing and photos. I would like to take a moment to explain a little of what has been going on behind the scenes here in Snappy Tatter-land.

  • I evaluated the latest rise in shipping and packaging prices. I also reviewed the sales where I refunded overages of shipping fees last year. Consequently, shipping (within the US) for small items went up a quarter to $3 while shipping for larger and boxed items stayed the same at $4.50.
  • Shipping was changed for small, unboxed items from $4.50 to $3 including all earrings, Cocktail Rings, small barrettes, pendants, small Fiber Art boxes, stationary, Gift Certificates and some brooches. Black Snappy Tatter Boxes are not standard with these items but always available for anyone that asks. Most of these items are shipped in clear packaging with a decorative hard backing that has my logo on it.
  • Shipping for Necklaces and Bracelets, which are always boxed, remained the same.
  • Shipping for Fiber Art Boxes and framed work went down.
  • The time to create my tatted lace designs was re-evaluated. Many items in the following categories went down in their base price: Cocktail Rings, Pendants and Motif necklaces, some bracelets and most brooches.
  • The price to tat beads into my lace went up because of a more accurate reflection of time.
  • The price to hand sew beads into my lace went down.
  • The cost of some of my materials used went down. So the price of some add-ons such as Swarovski, Celestial and Czech Crystal, Shell,  CZ’s, Onyx, leather and Sterling did as well.

I encourage everyone to pop over to Snappy Tatter on Etsy. A lot of photos have been improved so you may see something you didn’t notice before.

Although I enjoy the administrative work that goes with running a very small business (taxes are next)…I have still been tatting and have a special Couture work of fluttering butterflies to finish on my drafting table.  Here’s a sneak peak of the draft:

draft of "Butterfly Garland" idea

This work is done in shades of silver, charcoal and black and is intended to wrap around your neck. The tatting is mostly finished, I may add more small butterflies and I am currently working on the beading, which will be minimal and all Hematite. I will blab about it when it is done and I have lots of pics.

Now it’s about time to change my shop banner and avatar back from the snowy one I have for the winter we pretty much did not have around here. Sometime when I have the time. Ha!

My Annual RED sale of 20% off everything red continues till the end of the month.
The prices have already been adjusted so you can use any additional repeat customer coupons you may have during checkout.

And don’t forget to visit this post: Diana Butterfly Stickpin Give-away to get your free entry for my Sweet Diana pin in red and black.

Time to get back to the drawing board for the rest of the afternoon. Thank you everyone, for your patience while I make these important yearly changes.



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