Shout out to new Give-away entrants!

I want to welcome all of the latest entrants in my Diana Butterfly Stickpin give-away. Michelle has two entries for commenting on the original contest post found HERE. Crysta W. has two entries for “liking” the original post on my Facebook page and for sending me a comment on Facebook. And Andreja H. and Carol B. are entered once for “liking” Snappy Tatter’s Facebook Page.

There are multiple ways to enter and you can gain more entries everyday you share, tweet or re-blog my original post.

This lovely butterfly is anxiously awaiting the announcement of her new home and owner on March 9th. Perfect for a sweater, collar, hat or scarf, Diana is a sweet, quiet, shuttle-tatted butterfly that makes a huge statement. She is one of several original Snappy Tatter butterflies and I must admit one of my favorites. Frozen in mid flutter and resting on the end of a Sterling Pin this popular gal has traveled to homes all over the world in many colors and beaded styles. Enter for the February Give-away through this original post.

Good luck everyone!


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