How Blog followers can make sure their contest entry counts

Hello Snappy Tatter-land followers! I wanted to let everyone know that although I see when someone new is following my Blog (by number count) I do not always see your name or avatar based on your privacy settings and whether you are logged in to WordPress. So if you have hit the “follow” or “Subscribe” button so that you can be entered in my Diana Butterfly Stickpin Give-away, you must also leave a comment on the actual Blog post so I know who you are and that you would like to participate. Comments on any page or post other than the original does not count towards the contest-but is much appreciated!

I set my contests up this way so that people who are not interested in the contest can still comment freely and the contest will be filled with entrants that are excited to win the prize.

If you would like to go stealth-mode and not be identified, send a message to my email that you are an anonymous follower and I will be happy to give you the two entries that followers get!

Here is the original post with the original rules: Diana Butterfly Stickpin Give-away.

Cheers everyone!


1 thought on “How Blog followers can make sure their contest entry counts

  1. I just love your work. I want to be entered into the butterfly pin contest. I liked you on Facebook already. I’m just learning how to tat with shuttles. I like it, so I’m going to keep trying.
    My name is Lucy Sharer

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