2 Days till the Diana Stickpin drawing!

It’s coming fast! Diana will soon be on her way to her new home. She is very excited fluttering around my studio over here! The contest ends at noon on this coming Friday so there is still time to get your entry in. And for those of you who have already entered you can like this post, leave a comment, like this on Facebook and/or retweet this post and you will be entered each additional time you shout it out! The official entry RULES.

Welcome to Mary Ann M., Brian S., Tara R., Sandi B., and Hannah M.! You have all been entered at least once in my Give-away! Good luck! The winner will be announced Friday evening.

And it’s 9 days till I go on vacation to the Bahamas! In the meantime, everyone can enjoy Free Domestic and International shipping in my online shop, Snappy Tatter! Use the code SNAPPYSHIPPING at checkout to reduce the shipping.

My shop will be on vacation from the 17th to the 26th and from the 30th to April 2nd. When I return I will be preparing for an Arts Festival at the end of May.

Have a great day everyone!


I would love to know what you think! Send me a comment!

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