Diana has a new home!

The winner of the Diana Butterfly Stickpin in red and black is….drumroll, of course….

Heidi Osterhout!

Yay Heidi!!!

Heidi has been a wonderful fan of my work for sometime, enthusiastically promoting my work on Facebook and following my Blog. She has entered every contest I have had and had multiple entries in each including this one. I am very happy that she will be the new owner of Sweet Diana. Tomorrow I will go up to my studio and capture the lovely girl and package her very carefully for her trip to her new home.

Congrats Heidi! And it’s about time! Thank you for all of your kind words and for promoting my work. It is always very much appreciated.

And a special thanks to everyone who took the time to participate as well. Your Likes, Tweets, Shares and comments make my day!

A new contest will be coming after I take a break to the Carribean with my husband for our anniversary and birthdays, go on a fun stitching retreat with my Mom’s embroidery guild, get my taxes done and prepare for my late spring show!

Cheers everyone!


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