Explore Snappy Tatter-land…lots of new pics!

I have been spending hours diligently adding photos of my work to the categories on my Blog. Some may have only one pic as there was only one of the design created so far or I do not have a photo of other creations of the design. (I truly regret the small period of time where I thought I was too busy to take a photo of my work…ugh!) I will be adding more pics as I create them and will keep posting updates here on my main page. For now, while I take care of taxes and pre-cruise packing and organizing!

The following designs have been added to or updated…

New Snappy Couture: Flyaway Butterfly Gala, Leaf Garland

Updates to: Cocktail Rings, Simplicity and it’s variations, The Debutante, Sweetheart, Chantilly, Obsession

Pendant Gallery: Blossom, Dainty, Faith, Flair, Flounce, MOD, Pawprint, PIXIE Ring, Tagalong, Rosette and Wreath

Earring Gallery: Bounce, Dainty, Decadence, Drips, Drops, Flair, Indulgence, PIXIE

Brooches and Stickpins: Diana, Vivien, PIXIE, Flair

Barrettes: small pink Rosette…I need to find pics of the Bobby Pins I have made!

New Design Categories: Allure, Bouquet, Chardonnay, Daisy Chain, Elegance and Embrace, Enchanted, Flair, Harmony, Heart’s Desire, MOD, Phoenix, and Tendril

It’s still only a partial list of the designs I have created but the uploading and organizing has really kept me busy this weekend! I hope everyone enjoys exploring the new pics while I keep busy with my anniversary, husband’s birthday, taxes, packing and traveling and a fun retreat with my Mom.

Cheers everyone!


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