I’m traveling again and still here at the same time, crazy multi-tasking going on!

Hello All! We arrived home safely on Sunday evening from our latest adventure, a Carnival Cruise. The Cruise was a mixed up combination of frustration and fun. Will chat and post photos about that later. There’s lots to say but I am on borrowed time. The last couple of days have been a whirlwind for me from unpacking and getting settled to spending an entire day doing my business taxes (ugh!) and re-packing to visit my Mum and Dad tomorrow. Another 4 hours on the road to hang with Mum at her EGA (Embroiderer’s Guild of America) annual stitching retreat this weekend at the Bongiorno Conference Center in Carlisle, PA. Should be a wonderful relaxing time. Chatting with Mum’s chapter, the Mollie Pitcher Stitcher’s…catchy…laughing and carrying on.

We’ll basically arrive at the center early, sit and stitch (tat and stitch in my case), eat, stitch, eat, watch a movie, drink, sleep, wake, eat, stitch, eat, stitch, eat, stitch, eat again, stitch even more, sleep, wake, eat, stitch, eat and say good-bye to everyone. No kidding!

I packed my largest Vera Bradley bag with all of my threads, shuttles, hooks, scissors, measuring tape, needles, findings, beads and patterns because I have been away from my work and have no idea what direction I will want to take. So I have a big ‘ole bag of everything! I miss my work and miss my Mum so it will be nice to combine the two for a few days.

I should be returning on Sunday evening unless I am tired and come home on Monday. In the meantime, my shop(s) will be open and all orders will be shipped in a timely manner when I get home. I will have my Netbook with me so I can answer questions and respond daily to any peeps that would like to peep to me.

I hope everyone enjoys the rest of the week! Hopefully I can get myself back into my comfy routine when I come home and can share some photos, experiences and ideas.




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