Saturday morning fun!

I fully intend to start gardening this morning before the rain comes and I come back inside to my comfy chair to tat more Daisies for a special Bobby Pin order. My garden is totally overwhelmed with weeds from the mild winter we have had and even without the weeds it needs a complete overhaul.

In the meantime, I thought I would share a little fun snagged from emails, FB and the Web, to get everyone all sunshiny and happy.

(click to enlarge)

Easter Fun-I am still laughing in my head about this daily

Potty Humor

We fully intend to get our super-chillaxed Chinese Water Dragon, Squirt, to do this someday…

And some humor for your Monday morning commute!

Have a great weekend everyone!



2 thoughts on “Saturday morning fun!

  1. Even Squirt can dream! JK, you’re looking younger; didn’t you just have a birthday… pls. advise how this is? -TK

    • As a matter of fact I did just have (yet another) birthday. Shhhhh. The drawing of me above was done 22 years ago! (I was 3-Ha!) Seriously…I was in 11th grade. I put it up until I find a current photo I like.
      And we have to find a wee chaize for our little dragon to recline on. For now she will have to be happy in her handmade spa.

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