Tat Fact #3 The time it takes to Shuttle-Tat.

Tatting can take 3-5+ times the amount of time it takes to crochet something similar in size and design.

Tatting is a knotted lace, whereas crochet and knitting create looped lace. It still shocks me and is a little fun when I pick up my crochet hook and crochet something at the speed of light! But even though shuttle-tatting was difficult to learn and is a slow technique, I truly enjoy the finished look and admire the durability and the firmness of the lace. I keep track of my tatting time in order to price my work fairly. The time it takes to add beading or turn the design into fiber art or jewelry are kept track of separately so the examples below are based only on the time it takes to make the lace. This is an approximate but very close (+/-5 min) time table comparing my shuttle-tatting with  one of these simple 2″ crocheted flowers I call Posies.

I can crochet ONE of these Posies:

crocheted Posy

in the same time it takes to shuttle-tat ONE of these designs (not including beading or finishing into jewelry):




Bounce earrings

TWO Posies = ONE of these:

Flair with graduated picots

Dainty Flake

Blush flower



Flair Flower

THREE Posies = ONE of these:

Birch Leaf

6-Petal Blossom


Vivien Butterfly

FOUR Posies = ONE of these designs:



10-Petal Blossom

Diana Butterfly

FIVE Posies = ONE of these:

Pink Ribbon

Cosmos Cocktail Ring

Ice Crystal

Essence Earrings (both)

SIX Posies = ONE of these:

Ice Crystal


Flourish Bracelet

Decadence Earrings (both)

SEVEN crocheted Posies = ONE of these:

Majestic Dragonfly




And about EIGHTEEN crocheted Posies can be made in the amount of time it takes to tat the 16″ of lace for this Snappy Couture necklace:

Princess ~ Snappy Couture

I hope this gives everyone an idea of the time and effort that goes into tatted lace designs. People frequently ask me if tatting is like crochet. It really isn’t not only because the technique is knotted and not looped but also because the final appeal, durability and execution of the designs are completely different. I am in love with shuttle-tatted lace and have made my life around designing it, creating it and turning it into wearable or decorative art. I will keep posting Tat Facts as I have time to help educate all my peeps about this unique style of lace-making.



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