Out with the Old and in with the PERFECT!

I have many, many tools at my fingertips for my fiber art and tatting. And whether I am working upstairs at my drafting table in my studio or downstairs in my big comfy chair tatting, one thing is essential…the Thread Catcher. Sometimes called a scrap caddy, ort container, scrap bag or thread bag…this little hanging bag is perfect for me to discard all of my thread ends (and candy wrappers) while holding my needles in close proximity. They are also great for when you are working in a car, or to hang over the arm of your chair. They can pretty much be taken anywhere because of the compact size and weighted pincushion.

My old, beautiful-at-one-time, Thread Catcher

I recently received birthday money from my Father-in-law. $39.39. He is such a sweet man. We all get the birthday amount from Big Daddy K each year including his kids and grandkids. Seth got $38.38 this year. Our nieces will get $13.13 or $8.08, $5.05 and so on….what a fun idea!

So I thought hard about what I wanted. I really don’t ever need or want much. But occasionally you have to replace the outdated, worn-out items you have loved way too much over the years. So I bought two new Thread Catcher’s, one for my studio and one for by my chair downstairs.

I chose to buy from a fellow Etsian and I am extremely happy with my purchases! So-this post is for you, Melissa! Melissa is an American Etsy seller from Sewsouthernquilts in Cumberland Mountain, Tennessee. I scoured Etsy shops to find the color and size I wanted and found her Thread Catcher’s looked the most professionally made, were a small, adequate size, and a reasonable price. My items were shipped immediately by Priority Mail and showed up two days later packaged very carefully. So here they are with my old, ratty, faded, out-dated catcher in the middle:

The one on the left will be my downstairs one and the right will remain on my drafting table. A great place to toss your thread ends and teeny garbage pieces so they don’t hit the floor or miss your trashcan to be devoured by curios kitties!

I also liked Melissa’s shop best because she really had the largest variety of fabric patterns of any seller I could find on Etsy. I found a lot of blues and greens and “old lady” looking patterns in other people’s shops. Or they would only have fabric that was themed, like baseballs or dogs. I would click on the shop to see if they had more and found they were only selling 2 or 3 bags. I am drawn to warm colors and these were perfect for my style. Beautiful fabrics! And wonderful choices; themed, “old lady” and modern styles all in one shop!

So sturdy and well built, they can stand on their own!

And the silica pincushion (to keep needles sharp and rust free) is REMOVABLE if I want to wash the thread bag (you need to mention that, Melissa)! And the inside pincushion fabric matches the inside of the bag. Nice touch!

All in all, I am very happy with my purchases and the speedy delivery as well. For my own work, I added a small magnet strip to the front of my pincushions to snag my pesky needle threader and tweezers that are always dropping into the bag. I’ve had to replace my tweezers twice from tossing them away!

If you are in need (or just want) a lovely, professionally made Thread Bag, visit Melissa at Sewsouthernquilts on Etsy. Also-check out her lovely, skilled, quilting home decor!

Thank you so much Melissa! And I wish you continued success as an outstanding Etsy seller!





  1. TK said,

    May 2, 2012 at 11:38 pm

    You are a sweet daughter-in-law!! You took the opportunity to pass on the love to others, like another Melissa. Well done. Big Daddy K.

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