Izzy the Tatterpillar

I find countless ways to amuse myself with my work, from creating ornate embroidered gardens with tatted flowers, leaves and butterflies to designing high fashion, one-of-a-kind, Snappy Couture.

Most of the time my Fiber Art designs are sparked by the nature I encounter when we are camping or I when am enjoying my lovely gardens, while my fancier jewelry designs come from an desire to push my lace-making capabilities to the limit. I keep a journal with a list of ideas and tiny sketches so I don’t forget fresh ideas and can revisit the idea when I have time.

Woolly Bears have been on my mind for quite some time.

The design idea came instantly when I was walking home from my friends house last fall and one of these little buggers crossed my path.

Pyrrharctia isabella


I later thought I should have brought him home to photograph, but with the wonders of the internet I was not at a loss for pictures and information on my favorite caterpillar.

Woolly Bear Caterpillars have long been thought to predict the upcoming winter. When found in the fall, the severity of the upcoming winter can be determined by the size of the reddish brown band in their center. And I can be quoted as saying “the woolly bear said it would be like this….” all through the winter.

Without further ado, let me introduce a brand new critter that can be found in Snappy Tatter-land, the Tatterpillar.


The initial Izzy adorns a small box on fabric of autumn colors with handmade golden brown cable and a full lining of olive felt.

Future Izzies may be found on a leaf brooch or pendant or as part of a larger Fiber Art design of tatterpillars and butterflies. And in the fall when little Izzies come out to find the best place to spend their winters, I want everyone who sees one to send me a pic so I can create Izzies from all over the land!

More Woolly Bear Caterpillar information: Wikipedia, History and the Almanac, Woollybear Festival

So now, Tatterpillar designs are bombarding my brain and would be the only thing I make if it weren’t for my upcoming show.

I did have to make another one before I restrained myself. Candie is her name because my husband thinks she looks like a roll of Smarties candy.


Candie is made from very fine cord in the sweetest colors of tangerine and salmon. This little spiked Tatterpillar is a treat for the eyes.

Her home is on the limiest leafy fabric with tatted leaves couched with the same cord that Candie is made from. In the center is a wee Teeny Tat flower embellished with a brilliant Swarovski crystal.

I am loving this!!!

And I hope everyone is enjoying my new critters as well. Both Izzy and Candie will be attending the New Castle ArtFest in two weeks. (And yes, I am aware that I am still not on the Artist list-but I swear I will be there!)

Yay for Tatterpillars!!! Like I said, I find all kinds of ways to entertain myself. 🙂

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Tatterpillar is an original Snappy Tatter design ©2012 Jennifer Kohr

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