We are not Beavers.

I swear…we are not beavers. We have a maple tree in the back of our yard that must be four stories high.

And all through the winter and spring, through every windstorm and every heavy rain, this enormous Silver Maple is kind enough to drop all the kindling we could ever need for a fantastic warm night fire. We love to sit in our secluded backyard on a Saturday night and burn…burn…burn. I am a burn bug and love to tend to a fire. So a weekend ago we had the first burn of the season and we only made a dent in the huge pile of twigs and small branches. I joked that our pile of wood make us look like beavers.

My husband sitting in one of our camp chairs in the background is a man of formidable size. Six foot five and a couple hundred pounds, he towers above me with long legs and the broadest shoulders. The pile of kindling was longer than him, about 3 feet high and about 3 times wider than him.

Above is a good (at dusk) shot of our backyard. Our stream is to the left and my little blue potting shed is on the right. There is a Japanese Maple in the center. We are surrounded by birch trees, lilacs and pine on the right side and more birch, crab apples trees, red buds, a weeping cherry, burning bushes, hollies and forsythia on the left.

Although our property is long and narrow,  it is full of constantly blooming flowers and shrubs and ornamental trees. It has become a labor of love to move plants, cleanup and create gardens, prune and shape and nurture all of our flora. And to our delight, the birds, ducks, geese, heron, rabbits, raccoon, groundhogs, muskrats, beaver and squirrels and chipmunks entertain us on a daily basis. We actually live in a very small, rural town, so it is even more wonderful that we can walk to anything we need from the Pharmacy and Post Office to the hair salon. It is our little haven. Our soft place to land with all of its glorious greenery and lively critters.

I continue to work hard for my show that is in less than two weeks now. Later I will post a gallery of work that is going with me.

Cheers everyone!


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