The Pitter Patter of little feet.

I LOVE being able to work at home. I love that I set my hours, my goals, and stay in my pajamas till noon. I like to drink half a pot of coffee, eat lunch when I am hungry and bounce around my studio trying to get ten things done in the short amount of day I seem to have.  And I love the company of my two kitties, Mac and BeBe. On any given day when I am working you can find one of my critters in my easy chair and another one, usually Mac, at my feet. Sometimes he even “self pets” by rubbing his face against my feet. During the winter they fight for the radiator cover and sometimes I have to fight BeBe for my office chair.  On this particular day I found my little (16 lb.) guy flat as a pancake on the hallway floor in the sunshine. I took the shot by laying on the stairs in front of him.

He is all black. But a warm shade of black that looks chocolatey in the light. BeBe is a cool shade of black that almost looks bluish sometimes with adorable white boots in the back and spots of white on her chest and tips of her front paws. I love my babies. And my Chinese Water Dragon, Squirt as well.

And like many animal lovers I like bumper stickers, refrigerator magnets, bookmarks and small note pads that have adorable kittens and statements professing my love for my animals.

And although the Pitter Patter necklace isn’t usually my style, I made it in a modern way that makes me proud of the design. Pitter Patter was a request from a frequent customer and animal lover. At first I was making one paw pendants called PawPrint for her to give as gifts to her friends. Then she asked for a donation for the local animal shelter raffle and I designed Pitter Patter.

Now available in my Etsy shop, Pitter Patter in black is an original Snappy Tatter design for pet lovers. It’s a refreshing change from the really involved jewelry designs I work on and the fiber art that takes days to create and list.

I was just feeling warm fuzzies about my kids and just posted Pitter Patter so I thought I would drop in with pics and a little chattiness.

Pitter Patter in black with Sterling chain

Have a nice weekend everyone. I have to go tend to the other love of my life…my flowers. Oh…and my husband too. Hee hee!