Just a few updates in Snappy Tatter-land

I wanted to let everyone know of upcoming events and some Blog and shop updates.

~I have been incredibly busy here in Snappy Tatter-land. After a long, hot weekend of gardening, tatting and visiting the family for an early Father’s Day celebration I settled down to finish the remaining listings for my Etsy Shop. Mostly earrings, 16 pairs to be exact, and a new listing of theĀ  Flirtation necklace in light blue and silver, and The Sophisticate, a fresh, modern, statement necklace. So there really is a lot of work to be viewed in my shop that is brand new including several Fiber Art Boxes and more Chokers. The Tatterpillars are listed too!

~I have more lace to work on in my upstairs studio including a MOD bracelet in creamy shades of white.

~The following categories (found left) have been added to or altered:


Gallery of Mini Fiber Art Boxes

Gallery of Fiber Art boxes

Pendant Gallery

Earring Gallery

~I have added a new link to otherworlds by Saffron Johns under “Exceptional Artists I Enjoy”. Saffron has taken the time to answer questions for my newest Artist Interview. I am hoping to have the interview and her gallery up for you to enjoy by this weekend. In the meantime, you can visit her impressive shop through the link I have provided at the left.

~The Sophisticate has gone through some changes. Originally, it was designed like this: I like this and will work on another in this style but I found that the glass beading in the Fleur flower was heavy and made the flower shift to the front.

Fleur flower detail

So I took it apart and moved the flower to the front so it would lay properly.

Initially I moved the bead capped pearl to the place where the flower used to be but I decided I didn’t like the look as much. And the flower was tilting. So I took it apart again and ended up adding a lovely little medallion where the bead was and moved the chain down so the flower was straight up and down. Finally…this makes me happy and is worthy of the Snappy Tatter name. You can find this statement necklace among other jewelry that makes an impact on my Etsy site, Snappy Tatter. The direct link for The Sophisticate: https://www.etsy.com/listing/101895304

~I have plans to write a new “Tat Fact” soon on the care of tatting, fiber art and my jewelry designs. Soon…

~With wonderful weather in full force around here, my husband, sister-in-law and her husband and my nieces are all going camping at Raccoon Creek this weekend. I hope to get some relaxation in as well as some designing. I will have photos to share when I return, I’m sure, as well as fresh new patterns to work out. Should be a very fun time!

Cheers everyone!