I thought this was totally entertaining and just had to share with everyone! Cheers!

viking funeral 2

A tradition of the Dinah Beach Cruising Yacht Club, the annual Viking Funeral was held last Saturday. Really just an excuse for adults to wear costumes and have yet another big piss-up, what happens at the funeral is that an effigy of a hairy, bearded dead Viking is hoisted aloft by a noisy entourage of beery Viking men, buxom wenches, fire dancers, Scottish bagpipe players in kilts and other strange, not-quite-historically-correct characters, and laid to rest on a dragon-headed barge anchored in shallow water in front of the yacht club.

History buffs and stuffy Scandinavian bores, beware, it’s not meant to be solemn or serious, or accurate. It’s not even meant to be Nordic. The ‘Viking’ inspiration for this event is more Hagar The Horrible than Leif Eriksson…and Hagar is more the mascot of Americans, Brits and Australians than he is of Norsemen. The first funeral took place because a…

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