The best way to eat your fruits and vegatabowls!

I frequently peruse Etsy shops late at night when I can’t sleep or when I am enjoying my morning coffee. This shop was actually tweeted to me by Etsy. After I looked through it I thought, ‘could there be a better way to eat your fruits and veggies?’ I am a huge fan of cantaloupe. Like I can’t get enough and can eat an entire cantaloupe in one sitting. So as soon as I have the cash I am totally buying one of these:

Yes, that is a earthware bowl from Vegatabowls on Etsy that looks exactly like a cantaloupe. But why stop there? How about this bowl for my husband who can’t live without grapefruit when it is in season? Or how about an awesome set of Watermelon bowls for your summer party? I got completely overwhelmed with the choices:  tomato, onions, oranges and apples. I think this is fantastic and just had to share! visit their shop here: VEGETABOWLS


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