The moment you have all been waiting for…the winner of the Birch Leaf Pendant!!!

Without further ado I will announce the name I drew from my favorite green M&M bowl earlier this evening…

Shirley Stoneburg you are the WINNER!!!!

You have won an original Snappy Tatter design, the green tatted Birch Leaf Pendant!

It will be shuttle-tatted in medium Leaf Green, beaded down the center vein with Czech glass and suspended from a 16″ Italian leather hoop necklace. I need to hear from you as soon as you realize you’ve won! Send your address through a message on Facebook or simply email it to I will have it tatted for you and shipped by the end of the week!

As for the actual contest…a great big thank you to everyone that participated in this quick weekend poll! I really appreciate all of your input. The results to the question, “Do you prefer Silver or Gold jewelry” were pretty clear. 77% of you preferred silver colored jewelry including platinum and white gold. 23% of you prefer yellow gold, frequently stating that you like it with your skin tone or warmer colors. Overall, 21% of everyone stated that they like both but everyone gave me a definite preference.

And your voices matter to me. I just placed my semi-annual purchase of findings, all the little bits and pieces needed to make my lace into jewelry and have expanded to some gold and gold-plated findings. Because of cost I am only getting in particular necessities to finish fully tatted necklaces and bracelets that are of warmer colors for now. Pendants, motif necklaces and earrings will still have silver. I currently have gold for pins including stickpins and brooches. And I have been working more with gunmental and black plated findings as well. My bobbies have always been Sterling but I am getting in dark bronze bobbies perfect for darker hair and and gunmetal as well. And I am getting in Clip-on earring bases in both silver and gold for those of you who are not pierced.  As my business expands, I am able to expand my supplies and will continue to do so with the help of everyone’s responses and suggestions.

I just got my 1000th fan in my Etsy Shop and that’s a really great feeling.

I couldn’t do it without all of you…sniff. 🙂

~A very contented Snappy Tatter

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