Going Batty over a new friend!

Our property borders a healthy stream in a small town in western Pennsylvania.

shot from our back porch

My husband and I are HUGE nature lovers enjoying everything from flowers and foliage to the critters that live with us on our land. We have a small plot but it is bordered by mature trees and a privacy fence in the back so during the summer our backyard feels more like an isolated park with a little town surrounding us.

shot of our house from the back of our property

Among the many critters that enjoy our space we have bats. Lots of them. We see them in the evening flitting around making meals out of the thousands of bugs that love the stream. They are our clean up crew. Keeping our backyard campfires and late night back porch relaxation from getting too buggy.

On this particular afternoon, we were chillaxing on our porch and decided to open our umbrella to keep the sun off finding this little fella tucked up inside sleeping the day away.

I know some people are saying “ew”, But he’s really rather cute.

And very tiny too. He only measured about 3″ max.

We scared him quite a bit and were worried our disruption might cause him problems (you are not supposed to wake a sleeping bat) but the umbrella was already open and it was not a place he could stay anyhow. After a few minutes he tried to climb into the folds to continue napping and then just flitted away.

I’m sure he is now among the half dozen bats you can see at dusk whisking around the trees filling their bellies with our nuisance bugs.

Take care little Batty!



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