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Howdy all! Here’s the latest Snappy Tatter promotion for the month of September! Enjoy Free Shipping on everything until the next e-Newsletter by entering the code “SNAPPYSHIPPING” in the coupon box during checkout in my Etsy Store. Ask me for free shipping if you would like to purchase outside of my shop through email, blog or facebook.


Izzy the Woolly Bear Tatterpillar

Hello Snappy Tatter followers! In comes my favorite season of the year, autumn! As the weather cools down but the sunshine still breaks through, life is busier than ever here in Snappy Tatter-land and I have lots of new information to share.

~I now have 243 ready made and made to order listings in my Etsy shop, Snappy Tatter. A new Snappy Couture necklace, Teeny Tat Chic is available. It is an opera length, modern, tatted necklace of tiny flowers with over 700 beads! You can find a post about the creation of this labor intensive design here. Other new listings: One of a kind Snowball No.20, Hope Cross earrings and Charcoal Drop earrings, and a hot pink Rosette Barrette.

~I recently had a quick weekend give-away contest. The prize was a tatted Birch Leaf Pendant. Entering was easy, all you had to do was answer one question. If anyone would like to be made aware of random give-aways, you can subscribe to my Blog (click the subscribe button in the left column) or just send me an email and I will email you a (one) notice when there is an spontaneous give-away contest in the future.

~During my most recent camping trips I have created several new designs. I now have a 3-D rose which is going to be incorporated into a new Couture statement necklace. I have created a vine design using split ring tatting, as well as a new contemporary design which will be seen in earrings and a bracelet soon.

~My social network stats are getting crazy! I recently reached my 1000th admirer on Etsy! I am way more popular that I ever was in high school (thank goodness). I have 1008 admirers, in 356 Etsy circles, with 223 Facebook fans, 300 blog followers, 33 twitter followers and over 35,000 hits on my blog! Woo Hoo!

~I have received my semi-annual supply order and now have yellow gold jewelry components and clip-on earrings. I will now be able to make some necklaces, bracelets, pins and clip-on earrings in gold. I will be listing two pairs of clip-on earrings later today.

~Just for fun! With autumn quickly approaching, many of you will be spotting little Wooly Bear caterpillars out and about. If you see one, send me a photo, I would love to create a “Tatterpillar” box with a current Wooly Bear weather predictor! And I would be delighted to make a custom Izzy Tatterpillar box for anyone who would like one! You can actually send me a photo of any caterpillar and I will try to make it into a Tatterpillar.

~The exclusive September sale is FREE SHIPPING on everything in my shop till the next e-Newsletter! Use the word SNAPPYSHIPPING  in the coupon code box at checkout and shipping will be reduced to $0. Easy Peasy! Ask me for free shipping if you are purchasing outside of my Etsy shop.

Enjoy your September sunshine and see you in October!

Jennifer Kohr

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    • Hi Glynda! I am glad you are enjoying my work. I am afraid my patterns are not for sale yet. Probably when I “retire” I will work on publishing and selling them online. Thanks for asking!

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