New items and new shop face!

Periodically I like to change my Etsy Shop banner and my social networking avatar to reflect the season. Much of my work is related to the flora and fauna that surrounds me and I like my shop face to reflect new work and the season I am experiencing here in western Pennsylvania. We are fortunate to experience four very distinct seasons here. My new shop banner:

From left to right:

Snappy Couture Maple Gala necklace

Framed Fiber Art “Follow Me”

Snappy Couture Poise necklace

A strung up Sophie Butterfly necklace

Sunflower pendant

Flair Cocktail Ring (sold)

My new Etsy Shop and Blog Avatar:

Birch Leaf Pendant Avatar


And fresh new designs are coming, maybe slowly, but they are coming to my shop as regularly as I am able. This includes a new style of earrings called “Wisp”. Click pics for more photos and full descriptions.


A new pair of Bounce earrings that are a little bit more frilly with sparkling Swarovski crystals that are half coated silver….shiny! shiny!

A new style called “Grace”. I will be listing smaller Grace earrings with Sterling later today, hopefully. I personally have the first Grace bracelet in black and am working on a very fine, delicate version in creamy ecru.


And my latest smile that is plastered on my Twitter and Facebook pages:

I will be rearranging my shop today and changing pictures so stop by and see the fresh new look later on!

Cheers everyone!


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