Struck Gold! New Tatted jewelry with Gold components.

My newest additions to my Etsy Shop are here, making use of the new gold plated pin bases I have in my stock. The Glimmer Goldie Mum Brooch is MTO (Made to Order) right now. The one in these pics is on its way to a repeat customer in NY that wanted the brooch for her coat.

(click the pics to be taken to more photos and a full description)

And not only do I have lovely, shiny, gold pin bases in my stash, I also have a stunning variety of Swarovski pearls in lots of colors. This dark gold one was perfect to go with the creamy PIXIE butterfly and gold stickpin.

That is what I have finished currently. I am working on my new rose patterns for a Couture design, a delicate Grace bracelet, a multicolored Mum, Dainty Flake earrings and more Teeny Tat stationery. Oh, and I am crocheting a winter poncho for myself.

It does not get boring around here!



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