Ooooh Aaaah pictures from a Pennsylvania Cabin Vacation

We recently returned from a wonderfully relaxing cabin vacation in Pymatuning, PA. I was a little bothered that we could not go in the 3rd week of October because that is when the leaves are in full color and still on the trees. However, I have changed my mind. Whether they are on the trees or on the ground, the color was absolutely amazing. And after a good hard rain on Tuesday, they became a gorgeous blanket that made the ground look like it was on fire. Stunning!

The Cabin, where we made our home for a few days.

The Lake

P1110326 P1110328 P1110329 P1110330 P1110339 P1110341

Our Autumn Playground

The huge uprooted tree. My husband is about 6’6″ with is shoes on. This was amazingly huge!!!



P1110363 P1110366

My workstation! No need to hide  anything away from curious kitties!

Kitchen and Bedroom

What an amazingly relaxing time we had! Listening to music, chatting all the time, warm walks in brilliant sunshine-Wonderful!!! And I tatted so much I had to wrap my fingers! And we were not too far from civilization that we couldn’t make a cookie and snack run to Walmart! $30 in sweets! :p

Now my “to do” basket is full of tatted bits including new Couture, Snowflakes and all kinds of jewelry. I’ll post galleries soon!

Cheers and sunshine!



1 Comment

  1. notewords said,

    November 5, 2012 at 4:26 pm

    Lovely photos. Thanks for sharing!

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