Happy New Year! The potential of the new year in Snappy Tatter-land

A little late, I know, but Happy New Year everyone! I hope everyone had wonderful and safe holidays with their family and friends. With the New Year and more time on my hands as the crazy holiday season has passed, it is time for me to evaluate what I am doing, where Snappy Tatter is going, and what my priorities will be for the new year.

First and foremost, at the end of last year I was approached by a UK publishing company to author an introductory shuttle tatting book. After careful consideration and lots of questions I accepted and am working on the synopsis and structure of the book as we speak! At first I was overwhelmed with the first assignment and was totally psyching myself out. Then I thought, ‘if this is something that is going to feel like a burden and not be enjoyable then you shouldn’t be doing it! So sit down, get yourself together and START WRITING!!!’ (This is how I talk to myself all the time. I am really bossy with myself.) So I did. And I loooove it. It feels so natural to me and I look forward to writing everyday. So-for those of you that are wondering how to start shuttle-tatting and are interested in basic tatting patterns, hopefully my book will be coming out in 2014.

On another but similar note, I get requests for my patterns all the time now. I am not trying to be off-putting but I do not sell or give away my original patterns. This is for a couple of reasons. The main being that I am an artist and my patterns come from my imagination and have a little bit of my soul in them. To me, it is like painting  a picture and being asked if someone can replicate my painting. I am connected to my work. I love what I do. And I love that people appreciate what I do but selfishly, the patterns are mine and I want full rights to using them in the manner I wish. My work is also my livelihood. I would be very upset if I saw that my patterns were turning up in someone else’s work. My original patterns are protected by US copyright laws and until (and if) I decide to give them up I would like to keep full rights to them. I am deeply flattered that people like my work enough to ask for the patterns but my connection to them as an artist is why I do not provide them. After authoring this book I will have a better understanding of what it takes to compose a book and may begin to self-publish some of the basic jewelry patterns I have. But that is a loooong way off. I hope everyone continues to enjoy my work in the meantime.

Snappy Tatter is going to teach herself some new tricks! I have purchased a book on how to learn Romanian Point Lace. I would like to see if I like creating this type of lace and if it can be used in my work. I hope to become proficient to the extent that I can create original patterns. I also would like to explore Celtic tatting, Cluny tatting and some more obscure tatting techniques. I will post my progress here.

On the Blog front, I will be launching a new category called “a few of my favorite things” where I showcase some of my tatting and non-tatting favorite things. You will get to know Snappy Tatter as a person a little more this year. I also will have more artist interviews, give-away contests, and hope to post new work on a regular basis.

Currently, my biggest task of the year is underway. My shop gets sleepy this time of year (I swear sometimes I hear crickets when I visit Snappy Tatter onine). So I take advantage of this slower time by reviewing ALL of my shop listings. I check for grammatical and spelling errors, links that go nowhere, substandard photos, wordy descriptions, and adjust pricing. There will be no significant change in my pricing this year.  Also, Etsy has made some changes at the end of last year that I will take full advantage of. Mainly, I am now able to have listing variations that make shopping on Etsy more like other shopping venues. I can provide multiple options for color, beading, and size that you can choose from. I will be adding these options to Made to Order listings only because Ready Made listings are….well, already made. I will be adding these variations when it is possible to make them a different way. Some designs can only come in limited sizes and some I intend to only be made in certain colors but I will try to provide as many options as possible. You can always send me a request for a design in a different color or size!

The best way to find out what Snappy Tatter is up to on a daily basis is to follow me on Facebook! I post new listings and also post my accomplishments as I finish them. So if you want to know when all MTO bracelet listings are up and available, check into Facebook and watch for the post! You will also be treated to baby animal and kitty pictures as I find them. 🙂

That’s about it in Snappy Tatter-land! I thank all of you for all the support and encouragement you send me throughout the year. One of the nicest things about running my teeny tiny online business is my connection to all of you!





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