A few of my favorite things…Threads!

One of my favorite things in my stash of supplies is my threads. I use the highest quality 100% Egyptian cotton tatting cordonnet in all of my work. My brand of choice is Lizbeth which has been expanded to include all of the sizes I use from 10 to 80 and comes in a crazy multitude of colors.

I also use Majestic and DMC for my size 80. For those of you that don’t know, the higher the number the finer the cordonnet. So size 80 is really close to the same size as sewing thread. The Lark’s Head knots are miniscule and almost undetectable without a sharp pair of eyes (or a microscope). I love to use cordonnet this fine because it creates the tiniest work but is still firm because of the quality.  A lot of my fiber art works have wee size 80 components. The Sophie butterfly on this garden box is made from two of my favorite shades of Lizbeth size 80 cordonnet, salmon pink and light orange. This little box is 3″ x 3″ and 2″ deep. You can find more fiber art creations in the galleries to the left and many for sale in my shop, Snappy Tatter, here.

Sophie's Garden

Sophie’s Garden

I also have Omega, Flora and Altin Basak which I use on a limited basis because it is softer and ends up creating lace this is not as firm as Lizbeth. When I began tatting I thought that I would start with a lower priced cordonnet not knowing that using the best cord makes a huge impact on your finished work. Now I work with the best so my designs retain their shape and need little care. Snowflakes are in Hakelgarn. It has outstanding body so Flakes are firm. Plus it comes in a larger ball to accommodate the many many Flakes I make each year!

My favorite colors are warm. Reds, gold, oranges and yellows are a treat for my eyes. I like the earthy colors too and warmer shades of blue in turquoise and teal. And salmon pink, peach and tangerine are just gorgeous to me as well as saturated royal colors like purple and cobalt. Here is a peek into my thread drawer which just keeps getting fuller and fuller.


Size 10 is on the left and the wee balls of 70 and 80 are on the right. The variegated threads I use are mostly leafy or autumn colors because they make fantastic leaves. I do have a couple variegated blues for snowflakes and a black and white “zebra” variegated which is cool but rarely used. I prefer not to work in variegated colors much because I think the transitioning colors detract from design of the lace itself. This is just my feelings on the matter. Many people enjoy using variegated threads. It is fun to watch them transition as you stitch.

With the winter months comes my annual Snappy Tatter evaluation where I review all listings for content, photos, correct pricing and shipping information. Because Etsy now allows me to have listing variations so people can choose different sizes and colors, I have added many new options to my “made to order” (MTO) work. Below is the color cards I have created so buyers can select their color from my stash. It is all the Lizbeth , Majestic and DMC colors. I have numbered them so there is no question which color a person chooses. Size 10 are on top, then 20 and the bottom are my size 70-80 colors.

The shades are a bit out of order because when I get a new color I have to add it where there is space. Below are all of my size 20 variegated colors. Yummy!


You can see how many of these shades can make fabulous leaves!

The soft white variegated makes beautiful jewelry designs. The bracelet below is a lovely example of what  happens when you tat with such a muted variegated. It has an antique feel to it.

MOD Cuff in creamy white with Czech glass and glass pearls

MOD Cuff in creamy white with Czech glass and glass pearls

I order my threads two or three times a year and keep adding to my stash as they keep developing more lovely colors. Much of my contemporary work is in neutrals like black and charcoal and ecru but a gorgeous array of colors are essential for my fiber art, Gala Couture and floral works.

I hope you have enjoyed my first issue of  “a few of my favorite things”. Which is your favorite color?

Have a great day!


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  1. Lovely! I’ve always avoided variegated cottons – I think you see the colours more than the pattern, as you said. But they can work so well! Thanks for the eye-opener.

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