It’s a bird…it’s a plane…it’s a Snappy Tatter Bumblebee!

Just a thought…a request from a Snappy Tatter follower…a yellow and black bumblebee! She wanted something more cartoonish. But no matter how hard I try…cartoonish is not in my nature. I thought this guy was pretty silly as is. A couple tweeks to the wing portion of the pattern and I will have a new critter to add to my works. Fun, fun, fun! I think this guy will become a brooch first. Then, who knows where he will pop up! His name is Bumble and he is currently on my drafting table waiting for me to get back to work in my studio. In about another week Snappy Tatter-land will get back to normal. In the meantime, I will be blogging and posting to facebook frequently since I am still post-surgery chair bound and now I am conscious most of the day!

I am thinking a new Give-away contest is coming soon. Thank you, everyone, for your well wishes. My shop will be opening again soon. Stay tuned!

Live, Love, Tat!


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