More pics of the Prize flower!

Do you know how hard it is to photo the back of your own head without a tripod…or another person for that matter. I decided to photo my hair because I am wearing the unnamed flower in my hair today. And yes, my hair is a normal color right now, no pink. Ha! Closeups of these pics may not be too crisp but you can get the idea of how it looks.

And to answer some questions that have popped up: Yes, I can make it smaller. Yes I can make it in one color instead of two. Yes it can be bigger as well, and flatter too. And I would be happy to make it into a brooch instead of a bobby pin.

To learn more about the big “Name that flower” give-away click here. P1140051

What flower does this Snappy Tatter design make you think of? Keep the answers coming. I’m getting some good ones!

Live, Love, Tat!

p.s. I’ll let you know if you have given me a name that has already been entered. 🙂

3 thoughts on “More pics of the Prize flower!

  1. I’ve racked my poor brain trying to think of a name for your flower. It has similarities to dahlias, chrysanthemums… I’ve wondered about Snappy Mum, or Dahling Flower.
    I love your creativity. I’ve pinned a number of your artistic works on Pinterest – and they keep getting repinned.
    Thank you for sharing your talents!

    1. Hi Linda! Thanks for spreading the love on Pinterest! Keep racking your brain…someone already entered Dahlia and I already have a 3-D Mum….I should have mentioned I already have mums and dandelions and marigolds. Keep guessing. There’s plenty of time!

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