Snappy Tatter winter e-Newsletter with free shipping coupon!

Hi Peeps! Below is the winter edition of my e-Newsletter that just came out. There are cool Snappy Tatter stats at the bottom of the newsletter and don’t miss the coupon code for free shipping.

Also-I have created a new Garden Watch Gallery showcasing the first 4 watches that I have made over the last year. You can find it under “Fiber Art Designs” to the left!

Greetings everyone! I hope you all are staying warm. It seems like no matter where you are, you have been cold this winter! I am always an optimist and think how wonderful spring will feel when we get out of this very frigid and mostly dreary winter. I just can’t wait to get back to my gardening. In this e-Newsletter I thought I would update everyone on Snappy Tatter happenings over 2013.
I did get side-tracked for a few months with health issues that resolved themselves with a wee bit of major surgery. And when I look back over all the 2013 e-Newsletters I realize that many things did not happen that I had projected. I feel like I should be really bummed about this but I am not. Possibly because my life as a fiber artist continues to be fulfilling just as it is.

Things that did not happen: So the international symposium for designers that I was going to be showcased in January…did not happen. Don’t know why. I assume the symposium happened, I was just not included.
~And the UK company that approached me to write an introductory book did not happen as well. I created the presentation. They presented it but did not get any “bites” that would have made the process move forward. Too “nichey” they said. I was a little concerned about this prospect since it is so easy to find instructions for anything on Utube these days. So I am not really surprised.
~I did begin to teach myself Romanian Point Lace and then got side-tracked. And I still have to learn Celtic and Cluny tatting so all three are still on my bucket list.

Things that did happen: I spent the last half of December updating most of the shop listings, something I normally do in the beginning of the new year. Etsy rolled out “listing variations” last year and I am trying to fully take advantage of the flexibility to have choices in my listings. Made to Order (MTO) listings now have options in color, size and style where possible. It is easier to get what you want without having to message me!
~I began creating a new Snappy Couture line of Garden Watches. Functional watches with a tatted band of leaves, vines, flowers and a butterfly or two. I have made four and they all can be viewed in the Garden Watch Gallery of my blog. Garden Watch IV is available in my Etsy shop now.
~I have two fiber art designs that are mostly embroidered that need finished and framed and will be showcased soon. I have several more designs rolling around in my head and hope to get them on canvas soon.
When I was not laid up this past year, I was very creative which is truly satisfying.
~I am still trying to find the time to write out some of my simpler patterns and self-publish them but that is kinda far down the laundry list of things to do.

So for all the faithful peeps that get this newsletter, follow me on facebook, twitter, etsy and my blog, how about FREE SHIPPING* till the end of February? Use coupon code “BETTERTHANCHOCOLATE” during checkout for free domestic shipping all month long. Nothing says love more than handmade lace, so give your honey the code for Valentine’s shopping!

And I will leave you with some fun Snappy Tatter Stats for the past 4 years and 8 months.
In my Etsy shop: 627 sales, 1287 admirers (likes), 417 followers
Independant shows/art festivals: 208 sales
Blue Heron Art Gallery (9/2009-1/2011): 250 sales
Direct Sales: 144 (thank you friends, family and peeps)
WordPress Blog: 620 followers, 85,706 visits
Facebook: 504 fans
Twitter: 50 followers

That is why it feels so nice to be a Snappy Tatter.

Live, Love, Tat!

Jennifer Kohr


*BETTERTHANCHOCOLATE shipping discount applies to domestic sales only. Anyone can use the discount as many times as they like. Contact me for reduced international shipping charges.

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