Visiting Hocking Hills Ohio

Many of you who have followed my blog from the beginning know that my husband and I take a vacation in March of each year. Our wedding anniversary is the 12th and our birthdays are the 13th and 23rd so we like to get away and celebrate everything all at once. This year I decided to step it up a notch. We normally get a cabin here in Pennsylvania that has a few amenities but no real luxuries other than a roof and walls and running hot water. I started poking around the internet and came up with a new location for our getaway, Hocking Hills, Ohio.It appeared to be a very large state park in southwestern Ohio that was loaded with private cabins and is close to many caves. For a reasonable price I rented us a cabin that had everything we wanted, a TV and DVD player, fireplace, fully supplied kitchen…and a hot tub!

It has really just been a long winter here. More snow than usual and very cold temps have kept us inside most of the time and we missed our October cabin vacation so we were itching to get out. Anywhere. To make my case even further, today is March 25th and it is currently 28 degrees outside. Brrr.

The cabin was lovely, comfy and very warm. We spent our days watching movies, walking around in the woods, reading (him) and stitching and tatting (me).

The cabin I chose was very secluded. The owners actually said on their website that you must have a 4 wheel drive vehicle to get to the cabin in the winter. When we got there we understood why. The road to the cabin was a one lane dirt road with a steep drop off on one side and no guardrail, fencing, or anything. In our little Kia Soul we would have driven right off the side. We did agree that if that were to happen we would just gather our bags and hike to the cabin and worry about the car a week later when we needed to get home. That’s how we roll. Ha ha!

On this vacation, like all of our vacations, we were incredibly lazy spending our time watching movies and going out to eat a lot. We did spend a beautiful 50 degree afternoon in the woods behind our cabin. Here are my favorite moments:

A little abandoned birdie next on the ground

A little abandoned birdie nest on the ground

a tree twisted from vines growing around it

a tree twisted from vines growing around it

I climbed and crawled my way out to the highest point of this fallen tree to get a picture. It was about 12 feet off the ground. It was when I needed to get back down that I realized the back of the standing tree had knots that made perfect steps which would have been easier to climb than the shimmying across the skinny trunk. Of course.

Beautiful tree!

Beautiful tree!

No more turtle

No more turtle


Finally on Friday we decided to explore one of the areas recessed caves, Old Man’s Cave, and the frozen waterfalls that can be found there.

P1160298 - Copy

The one thing we did not realize when we decided to have this adventure is that the moist, dark cavern was still mostly frozen. Walking through the caves on the wonderfully carved steps became a treacherous lesson in survival. No kidding.

The stairs were coated with 3" of melting ice.

The stairs were coated with inches of melting ice.

Beautiful views!

P1160308 - Copy

Seth and me and the beginning of the caves.

Seth photo bombed the caves

Seth photo bombing the caves

From this far away this frozen pillar does not seem that large…

But that is me in the pink beside it!

But that is me beside it!

I call these the “stairs of death”. At several points on the trail if you slipped and fell the right way you would drop off a cliff into the cavern two stories below. This is probably the most dangerous thing I have ever done. At a couple of points, Seth could not get me to stand up and move along. I just hunched into a little ball and whimpered.

I became a tree hugger, grasping at anything that could hold me up after I fell twice. My husband realized for the first time in his life that I have no balance whatsoever. None.

P1160334 - CopyP1160335 - Copy


A very cool tunnel takes you back to the beginning of the trail. We survived.


This was so much fun. We will go back again when everything has thawed. I really wanted to go a couple of miles further to Ash Cave where there is supposed to be a tremendous waterfall but I was feeling so banged up from falling. And It took us an hour and a half to travel a mile. Sheez. Seth says I fall like a sack of potatoes straight down. I told him it’s because my 4’11” frame does not have time to start flailing around like his 6’5″ one does. I saw him fall once. It was like slow motion, elbows and knees flailing everywhere and he broke his wrist. It’s scary to see something that large fall! I landed on my heavily padded parts and was fine other than being achy from clinging to trees, walls, rocks, ledges, etc.

If you have a chance to visit Hocking Hills, Ohio, I recommend that you do. The travel across Ohio was just beautiful. The fields and farms were breathtaking. There are cabins nestled everywhere along with campgrounds which is where we will stay on our next visit since we usually enjoy minimalistic camping. I must tell you that wandering around in the woods is good for your soul. Away from civilization and everything plastic you can reflect on the true majesty of nature. And caves, trails and state parks are free…the most beautiful things in life usually are.

I hope you have enjoyed the show!

Live, Love, Tat!



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  1. Heidi O said,

    March 25, 2014 at 2:01 pm

    You are still too adorable. And this is a wonderful blog entry!

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