R.I.P. Cadbury

I love animals. All animals. I always have. I never had children of the human sort. My babies have always been furry and scaley and four legged. I have anoles right now along with my two cats, Mac and BeBe, and my beautiful Betta, Art. Anoles are tiny 6-8″ lizards that can change colors, eat insects and bask in the “sun”. You can find them in the wild in the southern states of the US.

My babies, Cadbury, Clementine and Rosemary, live in an armoire style home that my father built. Their beautiful house stands 6 feet tall and the enclosure is 4 feet tall x 3 feet wide and 2 feet deep. They couldn’t be happier in their huge jungle-like environment with real and fake vining plants, basking shelves and constant supply of yummy food in a temp of 85-95 degrees with 80% humidity. They have netting, vines and wooden rods to run around on and large fern fronds to sleep in. They are very fast little buggers so we don’t take them out for fear they will escape and become a cat toy. Nevertheless, they are amusing to me with their daily habits and distinct personalities.



One of our little babies has not been doing well for quite some time. We think he may have fallen and broken a rib at one point when his side started to take a funny shape and he became lethargic and ill. His name was Cadbury. Seth named him after one of his favorite treats, Cadbury cream eggs.

Cadbury a little stressed after dealing with Clementine 🙂

We have kept an eye on him not sure if he was uncomfortable or not. He kept eating for awhile and looked like he was getting better some days until recently. He became weak fast and had lost his plump muscles. I found him down in the food dish a couple of times, he was struggling to get out and had not eaten.

peek a boo

peek a boo

So we decided yesterday we needed to let him go as it was obvious he was not going to get better and we didn’t want him to suffer till he died. Anoles are cold blooded so their body temperature is the same as the ambient temperature or the temp of what their body is touching like your hand. They can live safely in temps from 50 to 110 degrees. So to humanely let our little guy pass on I put him in the freezer where he would cool down and eventually just fall asleep forever. It was hard to do but I couldn’t see him continue to decline. I said a prayer for him asking God to introduce him to heaven and give him all the warmth he needs, luxurious leaves to live in and food and friends to enjoy. Even though he was a tiny lizard we only had for a year and a half, it was hard to say good bye.


Cadbury is behind the leaves

What we loved most about Cadbury was his creeping. Anoles are lightening fast and when scared, they zoom into the leaves or behind the netting. Not Cadbury. We would peer in at him and instead of running away he always slowly turned around and creeped into the leaves. It was hilarious. He just walked away, something neither of the other two have ever done. That will be the memory we will carry with us now that he is gone. Clementine and Rosemary are just fine and may not realize he is even gone as they all tend to stake out their own area in the house. Eventually we will add a new one to the family. We will need to get another girl because Clemmy is an a*!#hole to other boys.

Clementine is green, Rosemary is brown and Cadbury is hiding in the leaves in the back

Clementine is green, Rosemary is brown and Cadbury is hiding in the leaves in the back

I just wanted to take a moment to pay tribute to Cadbury. He was special to us, as all our babies are. Rest in peace little guy. You will be missed.




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