So listen Idaho…we really love it here. The house is comfy and warm. We are settling in really well. Your scenery is just spectacular and I have to tell you, Idaho, I just love the western charm. You have some beautiful cities with the culture I love and these adorable quaint towns that are themed or just have some classic country charm. BUT WHERE IS THE SNOW??? I mean, we have a weird coating in the yard that refuses to melt because it stays just cold enough in the shade to create a jigsaw puzzle of white…but otherwise…nada. Nothing. Zero. Zilch. Zip. I believe we get a reporting of possible snow from who Jay is now calling the “Weather Liars” almost daily…and there is an occasional flake in the air…it gets bitter and I mean, BITTER cold here but no white stuff. I am disappointed. 🙁 We are almost to February and I am waiting…I will give you till April to show me a pure white fluffy blanket of the stuff I love.

I am joking, of course. When we moved here in the beginning of last summer we were warned about the previous winter. I guess it was really rough around here. We were up on the Canadian border last winter and in our own winter wonderland. Snow is one of my favorite things. At the beginning of the season we braced ourselves and when we went on a couple of our last scenic drives I took a few photos. Pretty beautiful…




I have never stood on frozen water before…that ^^^^ is Mackay Reservoir above and the ice is several inches thick. I stood on it, freaked out a little, and headed to the shore. Lol.

I have been working on this website. I changed the theme to one that matches the branding I have developed over the years for Snappy Tatter. I like it and think it looks more sophisticated. The galleries of work are still to the left but now social networking is to the right and is larger.

I have created a few new things. I concentrated on “Snowballs” this year, lace covered satin balls and eggs ornaments. I have a new large cuff design I am working on that will belong to my Couture line. I also have a heart necklace and earring and just created a Fish over the last few days…yes, a Fish. And he is a snazzy Fish, too.

I hope to showcase these things shortly. Now that the website is how I like it (I think) and I am patiently waiting on snow…I hope to pull my social networking around again. With everything available I still find that here is the best place to keep an ongoing journal of happenings and galleries of my works!

Live, Love, Tat!




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