My latest painting “Fear” is available on my digital art website: www.jennifer-kohr.pixels.com.

This began as a painting called “doomed”, as I was struggling with my mental health and severe cluster headaches when I began painting it. As I continue to work on my paintings and drawings, new thoughts for the title always come through. It eventually became obvious to me that I was drawing a figure huddled in fear. There are two perspectives to this work and probably more if I gave it enough thought.

One perspective is for anyone who has known the pain of real cluster headaches. They know that there is a fear that is inside each of us that struggle with it. The fear of how hard will the next one hit? Will I be able to control it? Will it be the worst ever? Will I need an emergency room? WILL I SURVIVE THE AGONY??? It is hard to believe there is a pain worse than childbirth, burns and broken bones but there is. It is called a trigeminal autonomic cephalalgia and it is the result of blood vessels squeezing the life out of a particular trigeminal nerve behind one eye, temple, inside the nose and in an upper tooth. It is a searing, murderous, scraping and drilling pain behind one eye. I suffer from attacks 2-6 times a day depending on the time of year.

For those that do not struggle with a TAC, like cluster headache, this painting can be seen much differently. Plug the ears, eyes, and cover the face, curl in a corner and try to protect yourself from impending doom. Fear swirls around this person overwhelming them and encapsulating them.

I would like to know…how does this make YOU feel? Let me know in the comments section.

Live Love Tat!


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