Snow in the desert happens…a lot.

Hi Snappy Peeps! All finished, ready to ship, bracelets and cuffs are now listed in my shop here. The J Kohr Couture section is full and so are the earrings. I will be moving on to transferring pendants next.

The bracelets that remain on Etsy will all be Made To Order (MTO). There are so many options for MTO work, dozens of colors to choose from and beading is pretty much unlimited. You can order right in your size and collaborate with me through messenger right there.

I will not be closing the “Made to Order” part of my Etsy shop as it is so convenient. Everything that is ready made will be offered here and shipped promplty. I do not have the increasing fees of Etsy to deal with here so I can charge based on my time and materials (without 5% for this and 15% for that…and on and on). Also shipping is FLAT RATE here!!!

I am just so busy getting this all established right now but it is a satisfying busy-ness while I wait for the Arco desert where I live to thaw. The photo in this post is fresh powder from this morning clinging to every tree and shrub at the front of our property. [facepalm]

Live, Love, Tat!

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