the Elephant Mandala

Elephants are one of my favorite animals. I love the way they live together, protecting and caring for each other in large herds. I love the way the little ones are always looked after by the matriarchs of the family. So recently I made an elephant with 5 different Mandala sections all over its profile. The one above I colored myself but it is available in black and white on both my Etsy shop as a color-able download and my PIXELS site, where it can be downloaded as wall art or any number of items like phone covers, beach towels, mugs, etc. I also have another new Mandala (shown below) that I have colored for sale on PIXELS. I color them so you don’t have to but can still enjoy having a peaceful and beautiful Mandala in your life.

New Couture is on its way…a beautiful, wearable bouquet of flowers and leaves. I have created a new bracelet design that is very geometric and modern. And a Leaf bracelet that will be adorable any time of year! It’s all coming soon to Snappy Tatter-land.

Live, Love, Tat!

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