A simple wedding for a beautiful romance.

Jay and I married on June 18th of this year! There are so many details to think of when you get married these days. We chose not to fret about too many. It became a question of, “what is most important for this day”? This question was not difficult for me to answer. KEEP. IT. SIMPLE.

  • dress-Ross dress for Less! Yes!
  • shoes-Ross again…it was a jackpot!
  • jewelry-I will make it, of course
  • I also found pretty table decorations!
  • cake-the local store makes a delicious sheet cake-simple
  • clothes for my dashing husband to be
  • venue-something simple, green, and inexpensive
  • Officiant-we needed help here so God stepped in
  • invitations-designed from my own Mandala
  • guests
  • oh and newfound little sister and family from Kansas that I have never met πŸ™‚ (More about that later)

I am disabled. Many of you do not know this or realize the extent of it because I do not focus on it here. Partly because of a neurological disorder and partly because of an anxiety disorder, I have to keep things simple. I have no choice and this, my friends, is a blessing for any bride. Lol. I am always a glass half full, sunny-side up kind of girl. So I prioritized the above list and tackled things one by one.

First we needed a marriage license and an officiant so we could also determine a day. Thank God for tiny towns. As we sat there all excited filling out the paperwork for our license, we asked the kind woman behind the desk if she knows of a non-denominational officiant. Well, it just so happens it was one stop shopping! She would be happy to preside over our simple wedding.

(Officiant Shelly with my husband to be, patiently waiting for me to arrive at the tree we chose.) How much? She didn’t charge anything and that was exactly how much we could pay. (I kid-she was tipped very graciously).

On to the venue…We have a lovely and very green shaded park a couple blocks from our home. It has a pavilion as well. Even though where we live is high desert and gets less than 10″ of rain a year and has 200 sunny days…you never know if THAT day will be the one time it rains. It only sprinkled a little after the ceremony while we were eating cake in the pavillion, which I consider good luck! It just so happened, it is free to use the park and the pavilion if you give them notice. We decided for our modest wedding that cake and coffee would be sufficient and scheduled the wedding in mid afternoon. The kind pastor at the Episcopal church where I attend the local fellowship said it would be no problem for us to borrow a few chairs! So far so good. I do believe that when you are following God’s or your higher power’s will, things come easily. I was grateful for the ease of pulling things together.

Since we have moved here to the middle of Idaho in this wee town of Arco, we have met a few people. Our families were far away in Washington and Pennsylvania and New York and…Kansas where I was originally born and adopted. One thing I really really felt was necessary to make this day complete…I wanted my little sister as my matron of honor. No more than one phone call and her and her husband Larry pulled together plans and funds to get all the way to Idaho with their two beautiful girls in time to attend my wedding. You don’t see him in many photos because he graciously offered to take the pictures that you see and a video of our ceremony. He helped Jay get chairs and the venue set up. He was invaluable when it came to making this day go so smoothly.

In the meantime, Mia, my little sister, and her daughters,Marissa (orange/red dress) and Vanessa (purple dress) helped me with my hair and jewelry and soothed my nerves and shared my joy and excitement.

We were late as we ran to pick up the cake, but I was told that was okay cause I was the bride-lol. As we pulled up and I began to walk to my husband-to-be with my sister by my side and my nieces following, I was just filled with joy. Our ceremony was simple and traditional and afterwards we enjoyed cake on small plates that my nieces had carefully decorated.

It was a beautiful and simple ceremony. I am so happy to be joined with the man I love and admire…for life. <3

My wedding jewelry-a wide bracelet with shimmery beads in all the intersections, a sparkling headband with large Swarovski crystal pearls and Swarovski crystals between them, and earrings to match.

More photos from the day:

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  1. Congratulations on your wedding! It sounds lovely, in the park with your loved ones. You look very pretty and the jewellery made by you makes the outfit more special πŸ™‚

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